Valter Dos Santos

Valter Dos Santos was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He has lived in London, UK for the past ten years.

He felt – and even saw – many times throughout his life, the presence of his deceased mother. The most memorable and special experience was when, after recovering from a coma, he saw the spirits of his mother and grandfather, Benedito (who died before Valter’s birth). Both spirits were around him and guarded his soul while his body spent three days in a coma. Since then, Valter Dos Santos has dedicated his life to studying both the doctrine of Spiritism and the works of Allan Kardec.

The book “The Truth Never Dies”, was his first love, launched in Europe and the USA, in August 2012, it was written with the intention of sharing with the readers the comfort and peace gained from spiritualism. The novel quickly reached number one in the Spiritism category on Amazon in the US and the UK. The author felt extremely grateful for all the support and affection he received from his readers around the world, and especially for all the messages of support and encouragement that motivated him to continue writing.

“The Truth Never Dies” has been sold in thousands of copies worldwide, being translated and published in several countries.

Having lived in the UK for more than ten years, Valter Dos Santos is very grateful to the country that received him so warmly and gave him so many opportunities. He remembers that in the beginning things were difficult, involving a lot of work and determination. “I worked a lot with different jobs, such as housekeeping for companies and washing dishes in restaurants. It wasn’t easy, but I never gave up on my dreams, ”he says.

The author sends a message to readers: “Never give up your dreams. Throughout my life I have heard many people saying “You will not succeed.” Many others have even told me that I will never be able to write a book or publish my manuscript. I didn’t listen to those people’s words. I preferred to listen to my heart and to pay attention to those who supported and motivated me. And most importantly, I have always kept my faith in God. I firmly believe that those who live with God will never know failure.

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