Butterflies in the garden


It is a book that offers you a powerful and valuable program of inner alchemy. The promise of this book is that it will get you out of your day-to-day mechanics and you will start asking yourself questions, understanding, accepting, integrating and releasing what is not visible but keeps you in place.

Language: Romanian

ISBN: 978-606-93577-7-4

Paperback: 278 pages

Size: 13 × 20

Year: 2016

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Author: Valter Dos Santos

Butterflies in the Garden is a story about love and spirituality.

Linda, Katie, Roy and Penelope have something in common: a previous life experience in the 15th century Kingdom of Navarre. At that time, people motivated by revenge and unclean thoughts caused the death of innocents, burning them alive.

In the meantime, today, in North Carolina, the United States, a tragedy breaks up a family and changes their lives forever. A multimillionaire from New York intervenes as a puzzle to this family’s destiny.

Jealousy and revenge are some of the experiences that have held, over several centuries, the characters of this love story, on a mission: to unleash unconditional love, so that it can evolve and purify itself.

Butterflies in the Garden is a love novel for anyone interested in learning more about our true mission in this life: to purify and develop our spirits. Through the journeys of these characters, the reader will learn about the spiritual world, reincarnation and the spiritual doctrine.

Main theme:

Love and spirituality

A five-year-old girl is trying to overcome the moment of her mother’s loss

How to handle the loss of someone dear

Later Life, Spirituality, Previous Lives

Domestic violence,

Obsessive love and how we should all aim to free ourselves from possessiveness and a tendency to control in our relationships

Motivational and inspirational reading.


Quotes from the author:

“Obstacles represent the evolution that is about to happen; they are like exams that we all have to pass and pass in order to progress. ”

“Unconditional love heals any wound.”

“There is no drug stronger than unbridled love.”

“Everything happens in our lives for a purpose. Everyone we meet in our lives knows, with a purpose, a divine purpose. ”

“Your will and your faith are the solution to regain the light from within, to enlighten not only you, but also those around you.”

“Those who instill love in the lives of others receive even more love from the universe. You receive all the energy you pour over others. ”

“Those connected by true love are never far from each other.”

“Keep in mind all your life, you have the power to decide what’s going on in your mind. Good or bad thoughts, happy or sad – it’s up to you to decide. Choose a positive attitude, opt for happiness. ”


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