Lessons for life


If you want to have a positive mindset, get beneficial results, gain inner power and rediscover your inner energy, Carmen Harra, a world-renowned psychologist and therapist, helps you to acquire them by following the tips offered through this work.

Language: Romanian
ISBN: 978-606-93577-4-3
Hardcover: 192 pages
Size: 13 × 20
Year: 2014

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Author: Carmen Harra

If you want to have a positive mindset, to obtain beneficial results and to rediscover your inner energy, Carmen Harra, a world-renowned psychologist and therapist, helps you to acquire them by following the advice offered through this work. You feel stuck in the same situation, you have the same unsatisfactory service, you make no progress in the sentimental relationship, you wait too long for something good to happen to you, if these are just some of the coordinates of your life so far it means you have to Take some “Lessons for life” from the famous Carmen Harra. You will learn the first steps in solving the problems you face, how to reach the divine source within you and refuel with energy. Failed relationships, betrayals, disappointments, the loss of loved ones, the disappointment of daily life, are just a few of the topics addressed in this book meant to be a trusted companion.



Change your life from today

Chapter 1: Eleven daily rituals of regaining power

Chapter 2: Thirty-five statements that will change your life

Chapter 3: Four strategies to get what you want

Chapter 4: Seven Things You Must Do Today

Chapter 5: Eliminates the negative energies of everyday life

Chapter 6: Overcome your fear in eight steps

Chapter 7: Five solutions for health and longevity

Chapter 8: Eight solutions to reduce stress and increase relaxation

Chapter 9: Ten things to promise you today

Karma and relationships

Chapter 10: Seven solutions for love relationships

Chapter 11: The law of karma

Chapter 12: Five Tips for Blooming Relationships

Chapter 13: Ten characteristics of the soul mate

Chapter 14: Four kinds of love relationships

The development of wisdom

Chapter 15: Five qualities to share with the world

Chapter 16: Twenty-one stories from Grandma

Chapter 17: Seven lessons you will learn from life

How to overcome your attempts

Chapter 18: Six Steps to Mastering Emotions

Chapter 19: When life takes you out of the comfort zone

Chapter 20: Why you are wrong

Chapter 21: Mother’s Day, without Mother

Chapter 22: How to enjoy the Holidays without your loved one

Chapter 23: Seven solutions for flawless communication

Chapter 24: Three Lessons for Weight Loss

Chapter 25: A vision for your future

Chapter 26: Ten Ways to Invest in Yourself

Chapter 27: Five hidden blessings of the suffering of the soul

Chapter 28: The best nine decisions

Chapter 29: How to deal with rejection

Chapter 30: Creating an unlimited identity


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