Oana Pustiu

Some have considered it “wandering”, others just controversial, some see it as a light, for others it is an embodied angel. Beyond all that, Oana Pustiu has made a living, inspired people through her courses and inspired them as well.

Born on May 11, 1984, Oana Pustiu grew up in Brasov. He graduated from the Faculty of Economic Studies, specializing in Marketing, from Transilvania University of Brasov, in 2007.

Although he discovered the world of spirituality from high school, he deepened the study of different forms of spiritual therapy and ways after finishing college, when he understood the impact of certain spiritual systems on personal life – Reiki, Karuna, Shambala, Gendai, Melchizedek Order, Reverend , Radiesthesia.

For the love of people, in trying to understand them (with their good and bad) and to work with them day by day, he became a trainer. The questions, the calls, the needs of the students determined her to write, to communicate to all those who had her ears to hear her “teachings”. In a short time, it has become one of the most promising voices in the field; started from people, for people; he speaks with simplicity and candor, with the intention of awakening them, to be with them on the path they have chosen.

He started publishing in 2011 with the work “About Spirituality”, a book-interview, published at Pro Dao Publishing House, made together with Dr. Ovidiu Dragoş Argeşanu. “About Spirituality” includes a brief introduction to the world of spirituality, the feedback received after the publication of this book was amazing, due to the message transcribed in a simplest way and to the meaning of all.

Oana Pustiu attends private session, seminars and courses of personal development.

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