Luminita Oprea

She has a degree in communication, with a background of 15 years in this field, is a life coach, starting her practice in NLP (language neuroprogramming) since 2005. Moderator in human relations, counselor in personal development, self-knowledge and in relational communication, in training In the ESPERE method created by Jacques Salome, author of books in the field of social responsibility, authorized trainer, Reiki teacher, Luminița Oprea also completed his training in the Wheel of Medicine (energy medicine) under the baton of Chris Water.

Training in the ESPERE® method follows it in the center of Ameneser under the baton of Aleth Naquet (clinical psychologist, DESS in clinical psychology and psychopathology at the University of Paris).

“Before he ascended, Jesus descended into hell. Hell is nothing but the subconscious – the fears, the shadows that he had to have and only then could he be lifted.”

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