The truth never dies


Valter dos Santos tells the story of Michael, a young journalist, who dies leaving his wife and three children behind.

Language: Romanian

ISBN: 978-606-93577-5-0

Paperback: 175 pages

Size: 13 × 20

Year: 2015

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Author: Valter Dos Santos

An exciting story of love and spirituality.

Valter dos Santos tells the story of Michael, a young journalist, who dies leaving behind his wife and three children. At the time of his death, he is greeted by his mother, who died a few years ago and is taken to a spiritual colony, where he and his partner will be trained in the mysteries of the spiritual world. This is the moment when he discovers that in fact we never die and that we are infinite.

But one day he visits his earthly family and discovers that they have continued their lives, and his wife is in love with another man. His soul is torn, because he has to choose between his spiritual path, thus reneging on his spiritual family and the struggle he will carry for his earthly family and the love of his life.

Michael’s journey leads us to discover the spiritual world, the secrets of the afterlife, our past lives and how they affect our present.

Message from Valter Dos Santos to readers: “Never give up on your dreams.” Throughout my life I have heard many people saying “You will not succeed”. Many others have even told me that I will not write or publish a book. I listened to the words of these people but preferred to follow my heart and pay attention to those who supported and motivated me. And I have always kept my faith in God. And I wholeheartedly believe that those who live in God will never know failure.


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