Lior Bebera, former director of the InterContinental Hotel Bucharest launches on Facebook an inspirational book for the young generation, entitled “Life is not a picnic”.

The online launch takes place on Thursday, April 30, at 17.00 hrs., within a unique live event, hosted on the author’s Facebook page, where all fans are invited to a … “Picnic in the living room”

The book covers various experiences of the author’s life, an international hospitality professional: the tumultuous relationship with parents in adolescence, the first jobs, the choice of career, the pursuit of passions, the difficulties and challenges of the young German citizen coming from a family of immigrants from Israel, the failed experience of the first marriage, but also tips for success and ideas that can inspire a change of mindset.

“As the title of the book reveals itself, life is not a picnic, it is not perfect. We often encounter obstacles and, like at the picnic, we have the option to give up, angry, that everything did not go as planned or to adapt, to take the obstacles as challenges to be more creative and to feel good despite the difficulties. I could not launch the book now as I initially wanted – I am not able come to Romania, the book can not be printed now; I should have given up, to postpone. But, in the spirit of the book, I told myself that I myself, can not give up and I decided to organize a live event, on the most important social platform, where to launch the electronic version, that many of the young people fancy nowadays.” said the author.

Lior Bebera has a story to tell, a motivational story for all generations. And our intention was to publish an inspirational book for the young generation, a book about success but also about the difficulties that somebody is facing until getting there. A story that we can also use in the educational and charity programs of the LIO Association.

The author’s idea to write a book about his life is an inspirational one, being at a young age for such an approach:

“The purpose of this book is to inspire the new generation to find themselves from a professional point of view, to motivate young people to achieve something for them, but also for the others. I am not publishing this book for my hands, but to show the young generation the real life experience and to support those in needs. With the profits from the book sales, we will help young people to develop, to follow their dreams”, says Lior Bebera.

About the author:

Lior Bebera, 38, is a hospitality professional with over twenty years experience in the industry. Between 2017-2019, Lior Bebera successfully managed the InterContinental Hotel Bucharest as General Manager. Currently, he is also active in the hotel chain InterContinental Hotels Group, as Cluster General Manager of the hotels InterContinental Malta, Holiday Inn Express Malta and soon to open Holiday Inn Malta.

A German citizen born in Israel, Lior lived in eight countries spread over three continents. During his career, he learned the importance of a healthy work culture, but also the value that a human approach has for both colleagues and the activity of the hotel. In an industry recognized as traditionalist, hierarchical and with corporate approaches, Lior continues to modernize its management methods, focusing on the genuine development of the team members.

Lior Bebera is the father of two children, Lilian (9 years old) and Ben (almost 1 year old) and is passionate about music, participating in 2019 in The Voice of Romania.

To find out more about the book and the author, go to  or visit

The e-book is available online in English, on our site, The Romanian version will be launched soon. The paperback options – standard and premium, in English and Romanian, are available to pre-order.

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